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16 kwietnia 2021

5 questions for Sven Kuhnen and René Wisler, Account Managers at Boels Rental

Can you tell us a bit about the project?
“A nursing home in Yverdon-les-Baines (Switzerland) is undergoing a complete renovation; a very big, long-term project. During the renovation work, the original kitchen will be demolished. So the staff can still prepare meals for the next three years, there is a fully equipped temporary kitchen solution from Boels Portable Kitchens.”

What is unique about this project?
“Switzerland has strict rules when a temporary facility is set up for a longer period. That's why our solution has to meet the same sustainability requirements that apply to permanent structures. For this project, we equipped the kitchen unit completely with insulation panels. We also worked with the project's architect to install a ventilation/heat recovery system. Thanks to these modifications, the mobile kitchen complies with all applicable sustainability regulations.”

How is the layout of the kitchen determined?
“The moment the request came in, I visited the site to get a good idea of the nature of the project. I think it's important to see the original kitchen in order to determine the best position and layout of the mobile kitchen. In our talks with the customer, we went through every detail of the whole project and identified specific needs.”

What is the exact rental demand?
“Since the residents and staff aren't able to use their own kitchen for a very long time, the choice was made to install a full kitchen set-up. The set-up includes a cooking station, food preparation station, washing station, cold store and freezer, and a connecting unit that serves as a corridor/storage area. This layout gives the kitchen staff plenty of work space where they can prepare 100 meals a day.”

What else can you tell us about Boels Portable Kitchens?
“Boels Portable Kitchens supplies mobile kitchens, refrigeration units and kitchen appliances. Whether it's a central production kitchen for a week, a dishwasher for a month, or a temporary kitchen for a few years. For practically every situation, we have a solution. We coordinate the entire assembly and installation of the project on site. And we can provide electricity, water supply and drainage if needed. Before delivery, we do an extra test run and a final check on the full assembly. This way the customer can count on the best mobile kitchen solution. Whether it's for the short or long term.”

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