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Boels OneCall

One call, one contact, one solution for every hire need.

One call, one contact, one solution for all your rental requirements

Boels' services provide the right solution enabling you to carry on with your work. It does not matter where or when you need the right equipment, contact our OneCall rental specialists to have it delivered on time.

For every service and product!

Not included in the Rental Guide? Available for rent anyway! Are you looking for an exceptional machine or service and cannot find it on our website? No problem. Contact Boels OneCall and we will immediately start looking for you within our network of specialist partner companies.

OneCall products

On our website, you can find a selection of our OneCall products. You can recognise them by this pictogram:

For every location

Anywhere in the world! Boels has branches in 11 countries. Boels OneCall is at your service in all other countries. No matter where your work takes you, you can always count on the quality and service of the Boels network.

For every calamity

Storm? Fire? Flood? Other calamities? Especially for police departments, fire brigades, municipalities, insurance companies, aid agencies, salvage and fire restoration companies, Boels OneCall provides a 24/7 Emergency Service on request.

One point of contact for every question

On request, Boels OneCall can designate a personal account manager who is fully aware of your wishes and internal company procedures. One-stop shopping for project support, cost management and tailored reports guarantees the most efficient way of handling equipment management.

Boels One Call: +48 602 30 00 30

Monday to Friday, 7.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

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